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FFA Points Chart and Letter Application

FFA , the student leadership component of agriculture education, is an important part of every program.  Enrollment in an agricultural education course automatically enrolls students as FFA members.  While each student can determine his/her level of involvement, we encourage every student to get involved in FFA to take advantage of the many leadership activities, career training programs, and scholarship opportunities available.  Each semester, Smithville FFA members are required to accumulate 30 FFA points.  Points are accumulated by attending and participating in FFA events.  While most of these events happen outside school hours, some events occur during the school day.  Numerous opportunities are available each semester, so there should be no problem accumulating the 30 required points.  

Summer Meetings -- 10 pts.
Monthly Meetings -- 5 pts.
FFA Officer -- 10 pts.
Volunteering/Community Service -- 15 pts.
FFA Activity -- 10 pts.
LDE/CDE -- 12 pts.
Fundraising Sales -- 1 pt. per item
Keeping AET updated -- Monthly 5 pts.
Trap Shooting -- 2 pts. each shoot.
Committee Member -- 2 pts.

                                                                      Smithville FFA Points Chart 2020-2021

Additionally, those students who earn 80% of the total FFA Activity Points possible can earn the Smithville FFA Letter shown below for their Letterman's Jacket. 

FFA Letter Application



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