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FFA Proficiency Award

Smithville FFA members have also received recognition in the FFA Proficiency Award program, based on proficiency in a particular area of their supervised agricultural experience program.  The following 87 FFA members have been named Area Winners and State Finalists:

1974 Billy Justus, Agricultural Processing

1975   Billy Justus, Agricultural Sales &/or Service

1975 Jeff Woods, Farm & Homestead Improvement

1976 Betty Brownlee, Agricultural Sales &/or Service

1977 Mark Sponaugle, Diversified Livestock Production

1978 Jeff Utz, Diversified Livestock Production

1978 Steve Wright, Farm & Homestead Improvement

1979 Stacey Brokenicky, Fish & Wildlife Improvement

1979 Jim Bruce, Placement in Agricultural Production

1982 Bill Edwards, Beef Production

1982 David Hill, Turf & Landscape Management

1983 Beth Nelson, Horse Proficiency

1984 Tim Huntley, Turf & Landscape Management

1984 Bobby Seaman, Agricultural Processing

1984 Tammy Shuler, Agricultural Sales &/or Service

1985 Micheal Coleman, Placement in Agricultural Production

1985 Tammy Shuler, Turf & Landscape Management

1985 Patrick Thomas, Agricultural Sales &/or Service

1986 Cheryl Bondurant, Horse Proficiency

1986 Amy Coleman, Turf & Landscape Management

1986 Kristi Pine, Outdoor Recreation

1987 Tanya Edwards, Agricultural Processing

1987 Bradley Shuler, Agricultural Sales &/or Service

1987 Shawn Rider, Floriculture

1987 Sean Cassidy, Placement in Agricultural Production

1988 Nathan Davis, Agricultural Processing

1988 Jana Huntley, Agricultural Sales &/or Service

1988 Kerri Chancellor, Horse Proficiency

1988 Troy Farrell, Outdoor Recreation

1988 Troy Meek, Placement in Agricultural Production

1988 Bradley Shuler, Turf & Landscape Management

1989 Chris Brokenicky, Agricultural Processing

1989 Aaron Edwards, Agricultural Sales &/or Service

1989 Jana Huntley, Turf & Landscape Management

1990 Joey Coons, Outdoor Recreation

1991 Jonica French, Horse Proficiency

1991 Elise Yager, Floriculture

1991 Brooke French, Placement Agricultural Production

1991 Stephanie Shaffer, Outdoor Recreation

1992 Jason Hoke, Agricultural Processing

1992 Katherine Lewis, Beef Production

1993 Kimberly Clegg, Agricultural Processing

1993 Danny Heath, Diversified Livestock

1993 Shawn Homan, Placement in Agricultural Production

1994 Kimberly Kinder, Agricultural Processing

1994 Bennie Turner, Placement in Agricultural Production

1994 Clay Hyatt, Outdoor Recreation

1994 Callie Silvey, Floriculture

1995 Kimberly Clegg, Agricultural Sales &/or Service

1995 Aubrey Homan, Placement in Agricultural Production

1996 William Brooks, Forage Production Placement

1996 Cory Frederick, Food Science & Technology

1996 Nick Gabriel, Landscape Management

1996 Damon Hill, Beef Placement

1996 Aubrey Homan, Swine Placement

1996 Audra Homan, Fruit &/or Vegetable Production

1996 Amy Kohlbrecher, Agricultural Processing

1996 Megan Seufert, Small Animal Care

1996 Barry Turner, Diversified Livestock Placement

1996 Jessica Vochatzer, Equine Science

1997 William Brooks, Diversified Livestock Placement

1997 Sara Clark, Small Animal Care

1997 Nick Gabriel, Turf Grass Management

1997 Nathan Holden, Food Science & Technology

1997 Barry Turner, Beef Production Placement

1997 Braden Turner, Landscape Management

1998 Megan K Seufert, Nusery Operations

1998 Braden Turner, Turf Grass Management

1999 Sara Clark, Equine Science, Placement

1999 Erica Dale, Agricultural Sales &/or Service

1999 Shauna E. Lilley, Outdoor Recreation

1999 Cal F. Middleton, Beef Production Placement

1999 Dale J. Moore, Diversified Livestock Placement

1999 Lacey J. Schonewetter, Agricultural Processing

1999 Katrina Shaul, Food Science & Technology

2000 Jacob Granatino, Forestry

2000 Josh Rice, Home &/or Community Development

2001 Rachelle J. Shiflett, Equine Science

2002 David F. Petty, Agriculture Mechanics

2003 Sarah M. Thompson, Emerging Ag. Technology

2003 Chelsey Braaten, Small Animal Care, National Finialist

2005 Ben Augur, Forest Production

2005 Matt Crawford, Ag. Mechanics Repair and Maint.

2005 Derek Niemen, Ag. Processing, National Finalist

2005 Andy Palmer, Aquaculture

2006 Allison Lamb, Small Animal Care Ent.

    Bill Edwards, in 1982, became the first member to be named a State Winner in the Proficiency Awards (Beef Production).  These members have been name Missouri Winners and have each received a check for $100 as a part of their award:  Beth Nelson, 1983;  Tim Huntley, 1984;  Tammy Shuler, 1985;  Cheryl Bondurant, 1986;  Bradley Shuler, 1988; Shawn Homan, 1993; Callie Silvey, 1994;  Nick Gabriel, Aubrey Homan, Barry Turner and Jessica Vochatzer in 1996, Nick Gabriel in 1997, Chelsey Braaten in 2003, Derek Nieman in 2005.  In 1988, Bradley Shuler became the first Smithville FFA member named a Central Region winner, the highest any Smithville member has achieved.  Aubrey Homan, 1996, became the second Smithville FFA member to be named Central Regional Winner.


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