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Past FFA Officers

In order to be a Chapter officers there are several qualities that are desired and required to fill the position of an officer station.  Many officers have come and gone and have had several accomplishments through the years. When each one took office, every person took on a responsibility that not every member is able to take on. Many officers gain a sense of responsibility and realize the dedication that is required in order to run a FFA Chapter.  We have tried our best to compile a complete list of former chapter officers.  

Here are the officers over the years:

1926 President Scott Lowman

V. President Erwin Murphy

Secretary J.D. Moore Treasurer J.D. Moore

1932 President Clifford Stubbs

V. President Sid Crow

Secretary W.B. Miller

Treasurer Howard Porter

Scribe Brooks Wilkerson

Sgt. at Arms Jewel Baxter

1stSemester/2nd Sem.

1946 President D. Anthony- B. Coons V. President L.Collier- D. Anthony

Secretary M.Herndon-R. Stubbs

Treasurer B. Coons- R. Edwards

Reporter R.Stubbs-M. Herndon

Sentinel D. Morton - J. Connor

Parliamentarian         W. Wolfe- N. Sharp

1948 President Dewayne Arthur

1st V. President Morris Ferguson

2nd V. President Miller Herndon

Treasurer Howard Hatfield

1st Secretary Norman Sharp

2nd Secretary James Summers Reporter Ken Ferguson

Sentinel Bobby Dick

Parliamentarian Buddy Braden

1949 President ?

V. President ?

Secretary ?

Treasurer ?

Reporter ?

Parliamentarian ?

Sgt. at Arms ?

1950 President ?

V. President ?

Secretary ?

Treasurer ?

Reporter ?

Parliamentarian ?

Sgt. at Arms ?

1951 President ?

V. President ?

Secretary ?

Treasurer ?

Reporter ?

Parliamentarian ?

Sgt. at Arms ?

1952 President ?

V. President ?

Secretary ?

Treasurer ?

Reporter ?

Parliamentarian ?

Sgt. at Arms ?

1953 President Bill Murphy

V. President Joe Ballenger

Secretary Dick Bowles

Treasurer Dean Justus

Reporter John Summers

Sentinel Lawrence Stubbs

Parliamentarian Donald Witt

1954 President Tom Medearis

V. President David Dick

Secretary Bill Hansford

Treasurer Donald  Witt

Reporter Joe Swaney

Parliamentarian Jerry Woods

Sgt. at Arms Charles Nikles

1955 President Jerry Woods

V. President Bill Hansford

Secretary Tom Medearis

Treasurer David Dick

Reporter Tom Randol

Parliamentarian Donald Witt

Sgt. at Arms Ernest Mosby

1956 President ?

V. President ?

Secretary ?

Treasurer ?

Reporter ?

Parliamentarian ?

1957 President ?

V. President ?

Secretary ?

Treasurer ?

Reporter ?

Parliamentarian ?

Sgt. at Arms ?

1958 President Gary Taylor

V. President Tom Burgess

Secretary Walter Jones

Treasurer Elbert Pigg

Reporter John Williams

Sentinel Arley Chancellor

Student Council Jim Holdworth

1959 President Elbert Pigg

V. President Roger Callahan

Secretary Donald Kisky

Treasurer Denney French

Student Council Lenard Mosby

1960 President Denney French

V. President Donald Kisky

Secretary Don French

Treasurer Bob Borberg

Student Council Lenard Mosby

1961 President Don French

Secretary Tommie Summers

Treasurer Scottie Atkins

Reporter Roger Britt

Sentinel Denney French

Student Council    Russell Callahan

1962 President Scottie Atkins

V. President Don French

Secretary Lowell Houts

Treasurer Kenneth Justus

Parliamentarian Ronnie Taylor

Reporter Tommie Summers

Chaplain Roger Pritt

Sentinel Robert Pigg

1963 President Kenny Justus

V. President Lowell Houts

Secretary James Thomas

Treasurer Robert Pigg

Reporter Arnold Green

Sentinel Leroy Fales

1964 President James Thomas

V. President Arnold Green

Secretary R. G. Yallaly

Treasurer Gerald Haddock

Reporter Mickey Kimsey

Student Council R. G. Yallaly

1965 President Johnny French

V. President Ellis Harris

Secretary Ron Silvey

Treasurer Dwight Schroeder

Reporter Walter Porter

Student Council Wayne Land

Sentinel Blaine Hale

Chaplin Bob Blankenship

1966 President Blaine Hale

V. President Dwight Schroedoer

Secretary John French

Treasurer Don Mangels

Reporter Les Edwards

Sentinel George Lowman

1967 President D. Baxter

V. President P. Makings

Secretary G. Lowman

Treasurer L. Edwards

Reporter B. Johnson

Sentinel Bub Miller

1969 President Mike Neth

V. President John Sponaugle

Secretary Ronnie Johnson

Treasurer John Woods

1970 President John Sponaugle

V. President Gary Doss

Secretary John Woods

Treasurer Ron Staggs

Reporter Mike Noland

Sentinel Al Lamb

Chaplain Ken Swindell

1st Semester/2nd Semester

1971-72 President Jim Callahan- Steve Craig

V. President Steve Craig- Ricky Bullock

Secretary Ricky Bullock-Stan Armstrong

Treasurer Stan Armstrong-Radar Miller

Reporter Radar Miller- Richard Carroll

Sentinel Richard Carroll- Randy Barnes

1972-73 President Steve Craig

V. President Billy Justus

Secretary Mark Cox

Treasurer Paul Mosby

Reporter Richard Carroll

Sentinel Eddie Schulze

1973-74 President Richard Carroll

V. President Billy Justus

Secretary Mark Cox

Treasurer Bob Armstrong

Reporter Jeff Woods

Asst. Reporter Ed. Alden

Sentinel Ray Freeman

1974-75 President Jeff Woods

V. President Ray Freeman

Secretary Chris Heath

Treasurer Bob Armstrong

Reporter Billy Finley

Sentinel Arthur Petty

1975-76 President Betty Brownlee

V. President Billy Finley

Secretary Julie Littleton

Treasurer Charlie Bruce

Reporter Russell Petty

Sentinel Mark Sponaugle

1976-77 President Mark Sponaugle

V. President Charlie Bruce

Secretary Otho St. John

Treasurer Jeff Utz

Reporter Steve Wright

Sentinel Greg Armstrong

1977-78 President Jeff Utz

V. President Greg Armstrong

Secretary Stephen Wright

Treasurer Otho St. John

Reporter Jim Bruce

Sentinel Jim Lizar

1978-79 President Jim Bruce

V. President John Lizar

Secretary Greg Summers

Treasurer Stacey Brokenicky

Reporter Roger Hill

Sentinel Linda Evans

1979-80 President Roger Hill

V. President Stacey Brokenicky

Secretary Lisa Armstrong

Treasurer Greg Summers

Reporter Linda Evans

Sentinel Joyce Kullman

1980-81 President Lisa Armstrong

V. President Todd Huntley

Secretary David Hill

Treasurer Joyce Kullman

Reporter David Seaman

Sentinel Jeff Littleton

1981-82 President David Hill

V. President Bill Edwards

Secretary Lea Ann Heath

Treasurer Terry Swaney

Reporter Beth Nelson

Sentinel Kelly Farrell

1982-83 President Beth Nelson

V. President Kelly Farrell

Secretary Tim Huntley

Treasurer Breck Williams

Reporter Lea Ann Heath

Sentinel Bobby Seaman

1983-84 President Tim Huntley

V. President Michael Coleman

Secretary Tammy Shuler

Treasurer John Rider

Reporter Troy Baber

Sentinel John Sparks

1984-85 President Tammy Shuler

V. President Michael Coleman

Secretary Kristi Pine

Treasurer Troy Baber

Reporter John Rider

Sentinel Chris Summers

1985-86 President Kristi Pine

V. President Amy Coleman

Secretary Bradley Shuler

Treasurer Gary Youtsey

Reporter Laura Pine

Sentinel Cheryl Bondurant

1986-87 President   Bradley Shuler

V. President Laura Pine

Secretary Cheryl Bondurant

Treasurer Sean Cassidy

Reporter Kevin Allnut

Sentinel Troy Farrell

1987-88 President Dale French

V. President Troy Farrell

Secretary Chris Brokenicky

Treasurer Jana Huntley

Reporter Tanya Edwards

Sentinel Kerri Chancellor 1988-1989 President Jana Huntley V. President Kerri Chancellor

    Secretary Chris Brokenicky

Treasurer Justin Johnson Reporter Jonica French

Sentinel Brooke French

1989-90 President Jonica French

V. President Justin Johnson

Secretary Tracy Baker

Treasurer Brooke French

Reporter Katherine Lewis

Sentinel Kathy Kohlbrecker

1990-91 President Justin Johnson

V. President Brooke French

Secretary Kathy Kohlbrecher

Treasurer Elise Yager

Reporter Katherine Lewis

Sentinel Bryant Haddock

1991-92 President Shawn Homan

V. President Kathy Kohlbrecher

Secretary Kimberly Clegg

Treasurer Jami Janeczko

Reporter Jason Hoke

Sentinel Anita Hayes

1992-93 President Shawn Homan

V. President Kimberly Clegg

Secretary Jami Janeczko

Treasurer Anita Hayes

Reporter Callie Silvey

Sentinel Kemberly Kinder

1993-94 President Kimberly Clegg

V. President Jami Janeczko

Secretary Anita Hayes

Treasurer Callie Silvey

Reporter Kimberly Kinder

Sentinel Kimberly Bolch

1994-95 President Aubrey Homan

V. President Adam Jesse

Secretary Amy Kohlbrecher

Treasurer Luke French

Reporter Cory Frederick

Sentinel Alisha Hyatt

1995-96 President Aubrey Homan  V. President          Clint French

Secretary Alisha Hyatt

              Treasurer               Amy Kohlbrecher Reporter Cory Frederick

            Sentinel Megan Seufert

1996-97 President Megan Seufert

V. President Audra Homan

Secretary Jessica Vochatzer

Treasurer Nick Gabriel

Reporter Katie Cramer

Sentinel Barry Turner

1997-98 President   Megan Seufert

V. President Shauna Lilley

Secretary Erica Voeks

Treasurer Erica Dale

Reporter Sara Clark

Sentinel Katie Shaul

1998-99 President Shauna Lilley

V. President Erica Voeks

Secretary Erica Dale

Treasurer Cal Middleton

Reporter Sara Clark

Sentinel Katie Shaul

1999-00 President Cal Middleton

V. President Jake Granatino

Secretary Lacey Schonewetter

Treasurer Stacia Reineke

Reporter Rachelle Shiflett

Sentinel Rebekkah Cornine

2000-01 President Cal Middleton

V. President Jake Granatino

Secretary Rebekkah Cornine

Treasurer Jamie Thomas

Reporter Rachelle Shiflett

Sentinel Laura Petty

2001-02 President Laura Petty

V. President Rachelle Shiflett

Secretary Lisa Snowden

Treasurer Andy Dale

Reporter Sarah Thompson

Sentinel Allison Lamb

Parliamentarian Brain Martin

Chaplain Allison Kolie

Historian Deanna Cone

2002-03 President Sarah Thompson

V. President Andy Dale

Secretary Allison Voeks

Treasurer Brian Martin

Reporter Kaley Clark

Asst. Reporter Deanna Cone

2nd Asst. Reporter Samantha Jones

Sentinel Sterling Sutton

Parliamentarian Allison Koile

Chaplain Devin Cone

2003-04 President Brian Martin

Vice President Allison Kollie

Secretary Samantha Jones

Treasurer Ben Augur

Reporter Miranda Hughes

Co-reporter Hollianna Lewis

Sentinel Sterling Sutton

Parliamentarian Andy Dale

2004-05 President Samantha Jones

V. President Ben Augur

Secretary Allison Lamb

Treasurer Andy Palmer

Reporter Hollianna Lewis

Sentinel Jessica Martin

2005-06 President Kyle Sander

V. President Drew Nelson

Secretary Kelci Crawford

Treasurer Samantha Biondi

Reporter Shannon Walden

Sentinel Alex Foster

Parliamentarian Reid Lenhart

2006-07 President Samantha Biondi

Secretary Elizabeth Everman

Treasurer Carissa Scott

Reporter Sara Miner

Sentinel Courtney Whitacre

Parliamentarian Patrick Quade

Jr. Advisor Kyle Sander

2007-08 President Elizabeth Everman

Vice-President Sara Miner

Secretary Samantha Biondi

Treasurer Kylie Mattke

Reporter Carissa Scott

Sentinel Patrick Quade

2008-09 President Kylie Mattke

Vice-President      Kelly Krull

Vice-President     Emily Augur   

Secretary Brad Peterson

Treasurer Rex Husted

Treasurer Liz Spicher

Reporter Bailey Toates

Reporter Kayt Robertson

Reporter Zach Tuxhorn

Sentinel Caleb Mantlo

Chaplain Frank Roberts

2009-10 President Evan Grusenmeyer

Vice-President David Auxier

Secretary Kristen Thompson

Treasurer Spencer Smith Reporter

Sentinel Zach Tuxhorn

Historian Rex Husted

2010-11 President David Auxier

Vice-President Spencer Smith

Vice-President Kristen Thompson

Secretary Caleb Nelson

Treasurer Tim Sinclair

Reporter Linsey Meek

Reporter Marcus Burchett

Sentinel Colton Reid

Jr. Advisor Evan Grusenmeyer

2011-2012 President    Kaitlin Pugh

Vice-President Marcus Burchett

Secretary Linsey Meek

Treasurer Melissa Pugh

Treasurer Brianna Luther

Reporter Shelby Dray

Reporter Codie Sherwood

Chaplain Michael Crookshank

2012-2013 President    Alexus Walter

Vice-President Ashlynn Kenny

Secretary Shelby Dray

Treasurer Cody Walter

Treasurer    Rachael Murphy

Reporter Kylie Sherwood

Parliamentarian Michael Crookshank

Jr. Advisor Marcus Burchett

Chaplain Benjamin Hartman 2013-2014 President Kylie Sherwood 1st Vice President Joe Pulliam Secretary Addison Carroll Ass. Vice President Reghan Haight & Cody Hankins Reporter Gabbey Long Sentinel Devin McGuire Treasurer Bethany Toates 2014-2015 President Addison Carroll Vice President Devin McGuire Secretary Sydney Cantrell Reporter Reghan Haight Treasurer Clayton Hankins Sentinel Brooklyn Logan 2015-2016 President Devin McGuire Vice President Reghan Haight Secretary Cody Hankins Treasurer Daniel Stephens Reporter Brooklyn Logan Sentinel Dylan Smith Jr. President Aspen Ryan Jr. Vice President McKenna McGuire 2016-2017 President Brooklyn Logan Vice President Daniel Stephens 2nd Vice President Brenna Long Secretary McKenna McGuire Treasurer Dylan Smith & Kolby Betzler Reporter Aspen Ryan Sentinel Zackary Stanford Historian Kayla Lincoln Jr. Advisor Mason Hunter 2017-2018 President Brenna Long Vice President McKenna McGuire Secretary Kayla Lincoln Treasurer Mason Hunter Reporter Tori Stitt Sentinel Dustin Marshall Historian Brianna Lewis Chaplain Zackary Stanford Parliamentarian Sadie Gover 2018-2019 President Mckenna Mcguire Vice President Brianna Lewis Secretary Taelor Mundt Treasurer Jack Massie Reporter Jessie Edwards Sentinel Jessie Timmerman Historian Bailee Hern Chaplain Riley Tyrrell Parliamentarian Cole Kasten

2019-2020 President Cole Kasten Vice President Brianna Lewis Vice President Taelor Mundt Secretary Jessie Timmerman Treasurer Jessie Edwards Reporter Connor Cline Sentinel Riley Tyrrell Chaplain Cody Theisen Parliamentarian Clayton McCall 2020-2021 President Riley Tyrrell Vice President Jessie Edwards Vice President Connor Cline Secretary Kelsey Estes Treasurer Justin Honeycutt Reporter Lili Calahan Sentinel Cody Theisen Chaplain Clayton McCall Historian Miranda Moore Parliamentarian Alyssa Wangler Jr. Advisor Cole Kasten


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